I’ll deal with you first!

It is actually true that you should deal the most difficult task of the day first and the rest of the day seems easier. Like I had to clean the house and then do some writing stuff on my blog. I loved writing and I dreaded cleaning. So, taking the advice I did the cleaning… Read more »

A single hanger for all your clothes?

With lots of my clothes thrown here and there while e hangers, they took quite a lot of space. The problem was the hangers,my cupboard can’t hold them all. The problem were the hangers, they took up quite a space in the hanger. I used a trick, brought some add on clips and hanged my… Read more »

How to wrap a sandwich?

Took some sandwiches for lunch at the office. 2 o’clock! Lunch time! I open my lunch box with a ravenous appetite, only to find soggy sandwiches. Yuck! What I did next time? Next time I wrapped the sandwiches in a paper towel and then placed them in a plastic bag. Hmmm…. very tasty! Try it… Read more »

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