How I save fuel?

When I brought a new car, I learned that paying for my own gasoline is very expensive! I learned a few tricks from then as to how to save fuel. The first trick is to brake only when necessary, that means you have to stay very alert while driving. The next trick is to get… Read more »

I drive for more than what I pay for!

The extent to which I go for saving my fuel is harrowing!:) In the process I have learned a few tricks to save fuel.  1. I only use my vehicle when I have to travel long distances, else public transportation is sufficient. 2. I avoid braking unnecessarily, that means I have to drive slowly and… Read more »

Cover an extra mile!

With fuel costs rising dramatically it might be frustrating to spend so much on fuel on a daily basis. How can you save your fuel. One of the main tricks is to drive slow, don’t unnecessary accelerate. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your tires are well pumped up. It… Read more »

Saving Trees;)

  Yeah! I am saving trees, promoting oxygen levels, improving the ozone layer, blah blah. How? By saving fuel;) I use the public transport whenever applicable instead of taking out my vehicle for every short distance. Moreover I walk a lot if the distance is walk able and urgency is not a matter. It helps… Read more »

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