Abosolutely stunning piece of editing!

I never knew that Photoshop can be used to do such things, assuming the fact that you have understood what I am saying by looking at this pic. Absolutely stunning piece of editing. I tried it and it worked. Pooh… Magic!! You just need to take multiple photos of the same scene and upload it… Read more »

Get more focused!

You can free yourself from other social media disturbances. Yes, it is highly common that we sit down to work but can’t help checking our Facebook account and Twitter accounts. Cold Turkey allows you to focus on your work by blocking the sites for a specific period of time. The sites you have to note down and for how much time period you want it closed. Cool stuff! Write 2 Die is also a cool software that has a high alarm system if you are cheating..:-)

CD not working? Do this!

You CD might not be working properly because the disk might be skipping. The trick is to rub it with a banana peel. Weird.. Eh?- Nevertheless effective. But remember to wipe if off before putting it back inside. 

Me being a child!

  Every time the connection goes, the ‘dinosaur’ page pops up. It is actually a game. I just keep paying till the internet is restored. And don’t worry adults like me play so even you can and don’t think we are adults and acting like a child. Just press the space bar and get ready!

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