How I got rid of grease stains.

You might have used lots of detergents, liquids and god knows what else just to get rid of grease stains. Tell you the trick. Just rub the part which has grease stains with chalk ad just do a normal wash. Comment your results:)

Drying clothes is much faster!

If you have washed you clothes and now need to dry them real quick, so just toss a dry towel in the washing machine. The dry towel will absorb the excess moisture thus making your clothes dry faster.

Tricks to get your laundry done right!

One of the best trick that I know while washing laundry is the use of salt. If you have brightly colored clothes in for washing and are dreading that the color will fade so just a dd a teaspoon of salt to the load. You can also make a self guide and hang it on… Read more »

Laundry Day? Humph!

  Don’t like doing your laundry. This might be because you just take doing your laundry at the last moment. Want a piece of advice? Start from day one. Just divide the clothes in two piles. Every time clothes come to washing just divide those clothes, between light coloured ones and dark coloured ones. You… Read more »

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