Make your party memorable!

All were praises for my grilled meat that I served on my birthday party. Want to know the secret? I used a few springs of rosemary that flavored the meat nicely with also providing a good grilling scent. Used also some string lights hanging from the tress as the party was in the backyard.

Glow sticks? – Party time

I had a late night brithday party in my garden. I was confused about decorations. My friend advised my to use glow sticks, put them in a balloon before you blow them up. And really in the night time they glowed like some orbs. it was splendid!  

Party time!

Party around the corner? I will share with you a few tricks. Always keep a bottle opener by the coolers. Another thing, if you can afford a DJ or there is a favorite song that is not on your CD, then just download it on your mobile. That is obvious so what’s the trick?. You… Read more »

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