Dog Feeding

My dog is very ill- mannered when it comes to eating. He just practically pounces on the food and starts eating it so rapidly that half of the food in the bowl falls out. The falling out of the food is not my prime concern, but the way he eats. I want him to slow… Read more »

Dog hairs all over the house!

So, yeah it was messy stuff. My dog just keeps shedding hair here and there. I used a squeegee to get rid of all the hairs. The came off very easily from the carpet. Another trick I applied was using parsley- for his bad breath! I just sprinkled some in his food bowl and I… Read more »

Caring for your pet taking its toll?

Caring for your pet can be a cumbersome job. Here is a video that gives show a few life hacks about how to care for your pet. I particularly liked that cloth making trick. The pet looked very cuddly:)

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