Microwave tricks

I stumbled upon this video and decided it to share it as it has proved very useful to me, especially the popcorn one. With our busy lives, microwave is our only sole concern for mashing up a acceptable meal.

My microwave two in one trick!

I have to make breakfast for my two kids simultaneously as they go to school at the same time. Microwave takes only one dish… damn it! But how if I adjust two dishes/bowls in a single microwave? Something like this picture. Awesome idea! Now I have two bowls of hot food ready at the same… Read more »

Onions?- No more tears!- Microwave tricks!

Irritated by all the tears while cutting an onion? Just trim the ends of the onion and place them on full power in the microwave. You eyes will no longer sting when you cut the onion. Another trick for which a microwave comes in handy is to reusing your stamps. If you want to reuse… Read more »

Brown sugar needs some heating up!

  Has your brown sugar become too starchy. Just take small quints of water and pour it into the brown sugar bottle. Seal the cap tight and put it in the microwave for 30 minutes at full power. Same can be done with honey. If your honey has become too thick or gruesome, just place… Read more »

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